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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Forgive Like A Child

Someone who is very close to my son, M. Jai and me was really rude to us yesterday.  Luckily, this person generally behaves in a kind and loving manner.  M. Jai and I were in tears after witnessing the misbehavior.  I felt proud that I spoke up and intervened in the situation.  Soon thereafter, I dropped M. Jai off for his second day of kindergarten and went on to teach a yoga class.  I was unable to hold back the flood of emotion that was going on inside when I ran into my dear friend and amazing chiropractor at the Heart of Wellness, Dr. Jessica Rose.  She looked me deep in the eyes and asked “How are you?”  I burst into tears that wouldn’t go away until class began.  Dr. Rose hooked me up with an amazing homeopathic spray that helped me to step back and not take the situation so personally.  I was then ready to teach.  (Luckily, I think we used the energy in the class like rocket fuel to get to a state of divine bliss!)

After class, I felt better but I am quite good at holding grudges and was still disturbed...thinking awful thoughts about the offensive words that were said to me.  I received several apology messages but was still too angry to speak to this person.  After some centering with Tracee Stanley's new and beautiful Yoga Nidra from iTunes, I was able to talk to this person.  Thank you, Tracee - I really love it!  We talked it out and I consciously chose to behave in a compassionate manner; however, I was still a little pissed.

I was concerned that M. Jai would have a horrible second day of school after such a negative morning and chose to worry about that – off and on – until I picked him up.  When I arrived, he was so excited about his terrific day!  He wanted to stay at school and play a game with his new friends and was thrilled at the thought of returning in the morning.

Later, we ran into the aforementioned person and she immediately apologized to him.  He happily said, “That’s okay” and went on to play with her.  I was still angry; nonetheless, I witnessed the grace and beauty of my son’s ability to forgive and felt in awe of him.

As I write this, there are still remnants of bitter energy around this situation.  They're dissipating by the moment.  My prayer is that I connect deeply and get grounded in the truth that my son so clearly knows:  be present and carry the energy of love.  Release fear, anger and tension.  Yoga is a tool to connect with divine energy.  The real work is to plug into that energy when the challenges come our way....both on and off the mat.  May we all be happy, healthy and free.  Namaste.


David said...

If only we could be more forgiving. It's hard when you know what it means to be hurt. We should all take a lesson from your beautiful child.

Unknown said...

Anne, loved the story. We all could learn a thing or two or three from children. See you Tues. ~hugs~

Stacy said...

Great class this morning! I think I could pay $10 an hour just to listen to you talk. I let go of my inner fat girl today and had a wonderful time! Thanks for being YOU.

marty Wicklund said...

the innocence of a child... we have much to learn as we grow "older and wiser"... looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.. Leah, Nicholas and Marty Wicklund.. God Bless you...